November 16, 2008

Yeah, This Is Still About Clothes.

I've just been off on planet "away" for awhile.  

Here is one thing that doesn't cover everything only a snapshot.  I actually wish I had taken an outfit photo a week and a half ago when I wore the same Pink Floyd shirt 3 days in a row (I know it was gross, but in my defence - day two was laundry day and I had the decency to throw it in there for those few hours) because it would illustrate the story a bit better.

I have mentioned many a time that I dressed badly in high school.  Like, ill-fitting jeans and t-shirts, never a skirt in sight.  I also went to a hippy arts school (Rosedale Heights for the very curious) that had no auditions and no strict "major" system (so you could branch out into more than one aspect if you wanted to).  There was a very creative and cool atmosphere, especially when I first got there.  I remember being struck by the volume of manic panic-ed heads, torn clothing, and metal (there was a lot of metal).
Okay the point - their general presence made me want to be a punk.  For awhile I had this secret desire to stomp around in Docs and style my hair with wood glue though I never did because I knew that there was just no way I could pull it off;  I didn't even swear, let alone actually listen to punk rock.
Now, I kind of figure it was the metal and the chains.  I like the picture, the attitude that metal projects, how safe it is and makes one feel.  Slowly I seem to have integrated a lot of metal into the general rotation of jewelry 'round my neck, wrists and fingers, piling them on top of one another and wrapping them around already slightly torn sleeves.  Is this a return to my 14 year old dreams of punkdom?  Shall I go back to The Clash and Rise Against, develop a snarl and curl my lip for no particular reason?
I highly doubt it.  The reason is probably more along the lines to the trend to stud everything in sight, tearing and shredding the rest, and the influence of Ms. Lanphear and her preferences for metal cuffs that would make Wonder Woman drool.  
I kind of wish I could see whether this will just be a passing trend (for me) or I'll stick to it.  This isn't the first time I've wrapped a chain around my wrist, but how far from the last is it?  I've loved my cuffs for as long as I can remember but if bare wrists and knuckles come into vogue what will happen to my cut-out silvers and golds?


M said...

Metals definetely look cool on you.
Fuck the fashion and wear them for as long as you please!
Also, I think your blog is a very interesting read.

Marina said...

thank you very much.
And i hope I will. I think I will, but I hope I stick to what I think.