November 23, 2008

Metal Karaoke.

I sang this:

(the girl part) and various other songs. 'Twas a fun night all in all.  I felt mildly powerful ordering my drinks (which I managed to not overdo. woot).

Continuing explorations in metal and metallic-themed objects.  I did the "wrapachainaroundyourwrist" again, and this time squeezed an old watch that doesn't work anymore into it.  The chain, that used to be "gold" and is now faded, looked kinda good with the gold and silver watch.  Marina likes.  She may do again.
Also, I have a pair of boots that I was going to give to Goodwill but now I think I may keep and (at the risk of sounding kind of trendy and annoying) Stud them.  But I saw these shoes where the heel had 3 bolts in it (don't know the designer or else - trust me - I'd display them here and mail you the napkins later) so maybe I'll use those?  I don't know.  There tends to be a 3 month gestation period between the idea and the actual "doing-it-myself"

ALSO; some idiot decided to dispose of this poster (on my birthday, sweetola).  They also had a Don Quixote poster but I'm more of a Dostoevsky gal myself.

this reminds me; I need a new book.  any suggestions?  I'm on a non-fiction kick, and I just finished THISBOOK.


LuluBabie said...

Hopscotch by the same author. I'm obsessed. I'm gunna pick up The Winner soon. After that I would recommend a Haruki Murakami book (The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles, South of the Border West of the Sun)

Marina said...

I've read Hopscotch! It was my second Cortazar after Blow-Up And Other Stories (which contains some of my FAVOURITE short stories)

Thank you for the reccomendations!