July 31, 2008

Ageless Adolescent Aesthetic.

I have a really odd obsession with the 60s. Not the whole decade, not the events of it or the politics or the whole "hippie generation", strictly the popular culture of the 60s. I love The Beatles more for the effect they had on people, and what they did. The macroculture of the 60s is what attracts me so much to certain parts of that decade. We still have elements of culture that are common to almost everyone in this generation but back then.....it just seemed even more together. And way cooler.

It all makes me want to be a Shindigger. I suppose years into the future someone might feel the same way about MOD or MTV Live or a similar show, but I think that the constant blather about celebrity and random "news events" takes away from (and gives less time to) having music on the show. Live music. Live music that can potentially be iconic (wow, how badly does the pop culture junkie want to be part of popular culture).

I really love what she's wearing in this (see, relating back to style). The tunic and the mary janes are awesome. I'm thinking of copying this, if I can find my t-strap shoes...


I have a lot of others bookmarked but it would take too long to go through all of them. These are just some that makes me feel really nostalgic for a time where I wasn't even a concept. It's popular culture at it's television-announcer-voice, sharp, spiffy, and well enunciated finest.


emily said...

i swear i should have been a teenager in the 1960s. i would kill to meet george harrison!

whatshername said...

There's nothing like the 60s!
I hope I can dig out some old kinks, who, sonics, yardbirds, monks etc records in Berlin.

roxanne said...

i'm infatuated with the 60s, so much so that my greatest college experience to date has been a class on 60s cultures and countercultures. i'm loving your blog as well, let me know if you'd like to exchange links..