July 08, 2008

Ongoing Saga of DecoPunk

Eugh. I'm aware that today (actually....technically....tomorrow) makes a full week that I haven't posted on this ol' blog o' mine. It's been a crazy week, to full moon-esque proportions. In the past week I've gone out more often than I have in the past 3 months (party, Canada Day, two plays in one night, another party......and something else I don't even remember).
I managed to squeeze a picture or two out of it but right now I don't have the time to make witty captions for them all so I will leave you with one little blip before I dive into Decopunk.

Saturday. High Park. The essential elements that make up an outfit and the bag (and the glasses) are mine. My friend had this straw hat and I proceeded to act as obnoxiously hipsterlike as I could. It is the perfect beach hat but I'm not so into wearing it as an everyday thing. A beautiful hat, but not one that can be taken far (I think) without looking like you (read: I) really tried today.
Okay. Over and done with. Your outfit appetite has been whetted and I can move on.

A bajillion posts ago was around the time I met and fell in love with Eugenio Recuenco's photography. I love the images and settings he manages to create. I adore the little stories he is able to tell and I love that he can be and let us see strange characters and stories and etcetera without falling into the (slightly overdone) Tim Burton aesthetic. He always manages to be romantic and sinister at the same time or at least use elements of the two in his photographs.
I considered doing a post about his photography and my adoration of it in something titled RecuencoPunk. I even thought to myself "hah, I'm brilliant! I made a post called DecoPunk and now I can make a kitschy series about ___Punk! It's hilarious!"
But while sifting through the images I collected I found these (which are from his website and probably a magazine somewhere) and figured I may as well just add to my collection of why I love art deco and all its imitators.

The swimmer is from something else, but hey, the point still stands. I love the lines in all these and in what I know from this period. I love that everything, the dresses, the building, the design looks as if it was once a third smaller and someone decided they ought to stretch it out. Dresses drape all over because a giant person stretched it out to be larger than a person (larger than life, if you will).

Maybe not now. But when I decide that I should commit to this I will. Until then you'll just have to listen to my uninformed opinion on it.

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