July 11, 2008

The Backlist.

Oh it's been awhile. I may have mentioned this before but these past weeks have been full-moon crazy. I've gone out more often than I have in the past few months. And now I finally got around to a) taking pictures of my outfits and b) uploading them to my computer.
So here is my back list.


I had 5 minutes to come up with an outfit that would last into the wee hours of the morn. It would survive drinking, and a raucous street party with beads and drag queens and Ginger (a very good Vietnamese restaurant chain). To I was looking at my wardrobe and came up with a dress.....and pants.

Which I tucked the front in to a came up with this funny coattail outfit thing. With the blazer it looks like a coattail thing.
I dunno. I'm proud of myself for this. It is definitely far from the worst outfit I've ever put together. It is a long ways away from what I used to think about wearing in high school. And I came up with it in 5 minutes and not really truly considering what I wore. It is progress because I found a way to not think and still look acceptable/mediocre/good/okay. Which is nice. I don't want to jinx it through overanalysis but uh.....it's nice.


I wore this to a play (as show and tell games go). It was a very good play, part of the Toronto Fringe Festival to which I suggest everyone go. There was also a blazer but I took it off anyway so...really whatevs on the blazer bit. Ahem.

The belt is H&M and was $10 at full price. Very useful. I'm really not into prints (as I have slowly come to accept) but I like having big shapes. Like, one big shape that is interesting and mildly intricate. I would prefer if it were just one big flower but hey. Beggers can't be choosers. They just sort of reach out and grab.


I wore this and met David Sedaris.

Yeah. That's right. I met David Sedaris. Amy's big brother. Humorist and general awesomeist extraordinaire. From now on, whenever I read Naked or Me Talk Pretty One Day or even The Santaland Diaries (which everyone should read. Everyone and anyone who has had a seasonal temporary day job should read. Especially if that temp job was around the holiday season) I will hear his voice. He read from both his new book and an upcoming one. A gem? "(before I quit smoking) I recruited a teenager to take my place".

He gave me Turkish newspaper doilies. And I got him to sign the play he wrote with his sister and his stamped it with a Turkish stamp that he says meant Invalid. My response? "That is okay sir.".

I called him sir. I was also ridiculously nervous so he probably thought I was insane. When I'm a little nerve wracked I end up saying everything as if it were one continuous thought or sentence. He looked at me as if I were insane or about to cry.

Neither is true. But whatever. I wore a safari jacket and Calvin Klein via Value Village shorts. It was original. And maybe one day he'll be at another book talk and he'll tell someone about the crazy girl in a safari jacket who nervously told him a story about the doll she used to think was going to kill her.


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Anonymous said...

I like your safari jacket. Reminds me of YSL.