August 01, 2008

El Beacho.

Went to the beach the other day....
Dilly-dallied around, swimming and lying in the sun, eventually eating a pie and pint of ice cream with a friend.  After swimming, I had a huge cheesy cheeseburger.  With greasy fries.  And then walked that off a wee bit and swam and dove and jumped and laughed and...and...and....ACK!

It was a disgustingly good, lazy day.

Somehow it is a lot easier to look good in a pair of shorts than it is in pants.  Or a skirt.  Because you don't have to match your shoes so closely?  Because people are distracted by skin?  Because less fabric means less colour to match to another colour?
But the fact remains, something about a well fitting pair of shorts does wonders on your self image, more than what a pair of jeans or dress can.  It's easier to run around, and acceptable (even encouraged) to look messy in shorts.  

A proud display of bruises = a good purse.

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paper_thrower said...

That WAS a disgustingly lazy day. And fun.