July 21, 2008

Aimless Ranting

I've complained many times before of feeling like I am "stuck in a rut".  To me it seems really frequent but I think that may just be because I don't acknowledge when I'm feeling unstuck.

Blogger and Google related websites have been refusing to load on my computer for the past week or so which makes for a) no posting, b) no browsing, and c) procrastination in terms of fixing it and taking pictures to load up when the day finally came that blogger would would properly on my computer again (yay!).

I wandered around aimlessly today after going for a swim.  Kind of annoyed at a friend of mine but this isn't that kind of blog so I won't go into it.  Instead I went in to Holt Renfrew to check out their sales.  I found a D&G skirt for $99 (didn't get it, because my size was no longer available), and various other items.  Such as the jeans and caplet above.  The jeans are great, less than $100, with a nice cut and rise and all that other gibberish.

The caplet is the Kate Moss for Topshop stuff. Now I was under the impression that Topshop was more the-expensive-stuff-at-H&M than Holt Renfrew...I guess the currency exchange makes it so over here?  But this caplet was $90 on sale.  It didn't seem worth it.  The quality was the-expensive-stuff-at-H&M so......why is it so overpriced?  I know that Holt Renfrew overprices, I've seen the difference between the sale tag and the original garment tags enough but the piece was still too expensive to just chalk it up to that.  Is it all because the piece (the line) was "designed by" Kate Moss?  Obviously, look at me go, answering my own question.
Not worth it at all.  

Unless you're looking for the name as opposed to the clothes.

I walked around in this:

It seems so dull compared to fancy pants Holts.

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