July 02, 2008


TODAY: Fireworks and sand in my shoes.

YESTERDAY: A Canadian party. Where my friends and I wore red and white and ate maple candy, listened to the Barenaked Ladies and Nickelback, and drank beer and managed to remember to say "eh" and the end of each sentence (until it got really annoying)
I realized that I don't own any/many red shirts. Except this one - an (awesome) Editors band tee and an old shirt from Girl's Sports Camp (Basketball).

I somehow had a crazy busy weekend. I was the only person who showed up to work (and didn't go home sick) on Saturday and Sunday is a blur of work, the Pride parade, and drag queens (a Courtney Love imitator stands out in my mind.......I can't remember her name though). Sunday night (drag queen night) was an interesting outfit. I was rushing like a nut case and so I just pulled on a tent dress and tucked it into the front of my pants, leaving the rest like a kind of coat tail trailing under my trusty, multipurpose, new favourite blazer.

I'll post the pictures because that was interesting. Something worthy of a post.


Meg said...

You look so chill, it's hard not to love this. The nude shoes and headscarf = genius.

Jill said...

Haha, it has been pretty exciting what with the pride parade and Canada Day. I love the blazer and the (patriotic) red shirt.