July 21, 2008

Aimless Ranting 2

Heyyyyyyy. Again.
I forgot about these:>

It's like a mini vacation slideshow.  That one up there is from the night I decided to dance around my room and pretend I was somewhere fancy like Circa or Dance cave or whatever.
Oh and this one here is...uh....Oh!  Right. I went and saw this amazing play called Casa de los Fantasmas as part of the Toronto Fringe Fest.  It was in the CIUT (University of Toronto radio station) basement.  The dank, stone exposed room held only 30 people and we watched a 1920s style radio play about a young American couple going on honeymoon in rural Argentina when suddenly (dun dun dun) murders start happening!  And there's a vampire! And a crazy old lady! And a military man! And even a communist! It was crazy fun.  Especially the guy who was making all of their sound effects (he got a standing ovation) and the "messages from their sponsors". heheh.
When leaving, my friend and I saw this relatively well known Toronto stylist (I think his name is Maja something) and he did the "look over" thing.

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elizabeth said...

those pants are FANTASTIC! wear them all the time!!