July 29, 2008

A Large Yawn and A Stretch.

I've spent the last week reorganizing my books, watching Batman 4 times, and then re-reading the Watchmen by Alan Moore after seeing the trailer 4 times. No, I have not taken outfit pictures. Nor have I updated on inspirations, ruminations or examinations of what I've been wearing. In part because I have not had time, in part because I've been really tired.
*whines all around*

So in order to reinvigorate my blog weariness I've created new rules.  Rules based on need and because sometimes restrictions create creative impetus.  For an example, see the first two albums of The Raveonettes.

Rule #1:  I'm only going to post pictures of casual outfits.  This is due to the fact that casual is what I have the most trouble getting my head around.  In a weird way it is easier to look put together when I have to look "put together" than when it doesn't matter so when it doesn't matter I end up reverting to the exact kind of outfit I was trying to avoid in the first place (t-shirt, pants, keds, socks, and some flair).  So I figure if I concentrate my efforts I'll resolve a problem.
Like this one:

I actually liked this.  I'm liking the mustard yellows and browns.  But this was really simple, fitting for a cloudy day, and because I ended up wearing it with heels I met myself halfway (ERROR: vocab not working - word wanted not found) and brought it all up a notch.  The second version brought it up yet another notch but you'll never see it again, because that was taken in the Holt Renfrew dressing room and as much as I'd love to, I'm not about to drop $90 on a caplet that I wasn't completely taken with.
So to sum up:  I will focus on the casual rather than posting everything in order to not turn outfit-picture-taking into a chore and actually be able to concentrate on something I have trouble with.

Rule #2: Influence.  Not inspiration: Influence.  This is purely my curiosity speaking.  Inspiration will show up again from time to time (but honestly, how often has it come up before?) but I want to focus on influence.  I have always been a bit of a collector of media and that has created for me a very large pool of influence to draw from.  I'm just curious as to how much of it reflects in my clothes.  Like music, and books, and whatever else I can think of.

And when I do think of it, I will put it here.  And maybe even try to find a correlation. 

All this preambleblather really means is that I might be posting less frequently than before and they might be even longer than before.  So if you are bored by my preamble and blather, I apologize.  You will only be ever more bored by my analysis and blather.
Hello again re-invigorated blog.

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