July 21, 2008

Tabula Rasa

I'm looking over my blog today in part because I have not had access to it for a week.  In this overview I've realised that there are no obvious clues to my personality.  Yes you do have a glimpse into my odd figures of speech such as: wickedcool, awesome, amazing, cool.  Oh and the fact that I sometimes bleed them into each other.  And the fact that I make up nicknames for about everything or abbreviations or hyphenations for those everythings.  And my magical dry wit and non-sequiturs that cure and fix everything with a chaser of sarcasm.
I'm also really easily distracted and have a tendency to ramble especially when I'm writing or speaking but am actually paying attention to something else.  For example: right now.  As I'm writing this little ramble I'm listening to "Seven Words You Can Never Say" an mp3 of a George Carlin act.  Very funny.  About the 7 words you can never say on television.

So.  Oh! another clue you have: is my short attention span.  And my ability to magically forget about projects and names and tasks I should/must do.  And the fact that I usually don't finish a thought so about 5 seconds later I add to it.  And I typically begin these sentences with "and".

So. Ahem. Also. Anyhow, anyways, anywhatevers.
In my boredom and half-bummed self reflection I made a (very large) winzip file.  A small selection of the 2665 songs I have on my ipod in order to put on display some of what is behind what is on here.  What I (people) listen to is closely tied to the clothing worn by me (them). 

Florence and the Machine - Girl With One Eye
This American Life Podcast #293 A Little Bit Of Knowledge
Roy Orbison - Crying
Nouveau Riche - Love
Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons In The Park
Soul Hooligan - Algebra
David Bowie - Five Years
Florence and the Machine & Kid Harpoon - Going Down
Apes & Androids - Golden Prize
Kings of Leon - Knocked Up
Saul Williams - Talk to Strangers
The Duke Spirit - Drinking You In
David Bowie - Golden Years
Holy Fuck - Milkshake
The Zombies - Spooky Little Girl Like You
Otis Redding - A Change is Gonna Come
Nouvelle Vague - Dance With Me
Flo Rida - Elevator
The Last Shadow Puppets - Wondrous Place
Elton John - Grey Seal
Bloc Party - She's Hearing Voices
Clinic - Emotions
Bat for Lashes - Horrorshow
Santogold (f. Trouble Andrew) - I'm A Lady
Nancy Sinatra - Friday's Child
Lupe Fiasco - Dumb It Down
West Side Story sndtrk - America & I Have A Love

It's a lot. I know. But I challenge/invite anyone else to do this.  
Look through your blog and then look through your ipod (or alternative music organizing gadget), sort through it all to come up with a playlist that you think marries the two in some way.  Ties to you, if you will.  It doesn't have to obviously correlate, don't explain it at all (let someone else do the analysis for you) don't come up with a theme, repeat as much as you like, just go.  Do.  Make a fashion playlist that is not related to fashion.  Clear your plate by filling it to maximum capacity.

Be as annoyingly philosophical and restorative as you can (just as I am attempting to do right now).

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