October 10, 2008

Recuenco Blows My Mind A Bajillion Time Over

I've been using "bajillion" often lately as an adjective....interesting.

So I've gone on and on before about Eugenio Recuenco's photography, and I have his online portfolio in that long list of links to the right there, but I never took the time to explore his website past the photography. And I'm so, so happy I finally did because I never realised there was a video section.
Nor did I know he directed the commercial for "Infallable Lip Colour by L'Oreal" - who knew?

I really love this Nina Ricci one.

For Loewe. There's another, shorter version as well. Called Quisaz Quisaz Quisaz, but I think this ones tells their "story" better.

All are very good, all retain that "off" quality in his photography, most verge on the more sexual/sensual side of things.

I found it while looking for another short film I saw online once, years ago. Don't you hate it when you remember something clearly but can't remember it's name (thereby not being able to actually find it to share it with others)?
Here is his Dailymotion profile. So you can watch other videos. Or go to his website and to the "films" section.

To finish off:


Anonymous said...

I love the loewe video, especially at the end when he stops moving and then she winds his back up again then he starts moving... its absolutely lovely, first time on your blog as well, really like it.

paper_thrower said...

the music in the first one sounds like the music in 'children of men'.