October 08, 2008

Achoo: A Tale of A Tag

In blog-land, being tagged is almost like being.....verified?  Confirmed?  Initiated?
I'd say so.

I'm glad to be initiated.  Especially by such an articulate, and awesome blogger.
A Guide To This Tag:
1 - Turn on itunes/ipod/music playing device
2 - Activate "Shuffle Mode"
3 - Use the first song that plays to influence/inspire your outfit for the day.

I actually did this first on Saturday night to inform my outfit for Nuit Blanche.  Sadly, during the event (which, compared to past years, kinda blew) I managed to gracefully and cartoonishly, dump a tray of McDonald's onto my lap. So..that picture will come when my pants have come back from the dry cleaners.

But I did it once again this morning and came up with a very fitting song.  In part because it was raining like the dickens outside.  It was grey, and cloudy y'see.  And dammit, I spent 3 minutes outside and was soaked to the bone, to the bone y'hear!

The song?  Audrey's Dance by Angelo Badalamenti, from the Twin Peaks soundtrack.
My ipod really loves Angelo (as do I).  He works with David Lynch often, has done the soundtrack for Twin Peaks, Mullholland Drive, Blue Velvet.  He also worked on the film Secretary.

The only piece missing from these is my pink hat, because it got a little wet and dirty so I had to dry and clean it.

The image that this composition brings to mind is of metals - brass specifically.  It's hard to explain, but I picture sort of....puddles of a dark, thick liquid, and someone stepping in them, and causing the splashes to sort of solidify and turn into brass or silver.  So I went with a basic black jumper, tied up around the front to create those little triangles and a lot of silver - on my belt, on my wrists, and I put a silver headband around my hat to complete that part of it (I suppose I'll show you those when I post the pictures from this weekend, or maybe sometime tomorrow.......I'll figure it out).
My jumper is also really slouchy.  I pulled it up so that the top half was draping over my belt and the legs were draping over themselves, and the whole idea was to make it a black, "liquid" that was hit here and there with bits of metal.  Don't know if those pictures give the idea but I thought it was there.
This was worn with a pair of lace up H&M wedges, by the by.

*ahem* So...who to tag who to tag......
I think I'll ask:  Leila Grace from The Vain and The Bored (because based on the song of the day at the top of each of her posts - she has great taste),  Stefani from Keep Your Guns at Home (for a chance at Cat Power), and Quoth The Raven 
Oh, and for a random pick from my blogroll:  Urban Audrey.


Stefanie said...

fabulous, I'll break out my camera! That's a great belt by the way.

Anonymous said...

oh sweetness!
good thing my classes don't start until 11am. i have all morning to play around! woot!

roxanne said...

hah i remember you said our shuffle would probably dig something up by him. i love your interpretation of the music!