October 16, 2008

A Question For Those With Opinions

Before I get into what I was going to say, I have to tell you that right now I am watching a Russian court dance in a Bollywood film.
Imagine Russian dancing and a Bollywood movie.  Now put them together.  Kind of amazing, thank you Rogers Television.

My original question was about Halloween.  I am planning on being a perfume ad.  I sort of have it sorted out in my mind, and have accepted the fact that I probably can't do something really cool like one of these:

But I wanted to know if there is a way to create some kind of frame to attach to myself to look like a border of some kind?
Anyone have a suggestion as to which perfume ad I should blatantly copy?


Anonymous said...

oh i would so so so do the dior add. what an aaaamaaazing idea! so clever! hm, the best thing i can think about a frame is to like make it out of something light, and use like hanger wires to attach it to like a backpack contraption.

or you can go sans border, and spell out dior cherie with wire (painted pink) with pink ribbons and attach it to like a headband or something.... hmm...

Marina said...

I'm just afraid of the balloons + people and a crowded party to two.

paper_thrower said...

those are gorgeous photos... but this would be easier: