October 25, 2008

Swap Meet.

This gonna be short because I can't think of anything long to say, I'm afraid.

I bought one thing this past week, and that was a Zara copy of a very nice, very shiny, kinda S&M-if-you-wear-it-right, pair of Kate Spade boots.  Winners: 299, Zara: 69.
I'd say I won this round, corporate bigwigs.

ALSO: the 69 Vintage By The Pound store had a clothing swap this week.  Taking away all of the stuff I don't wear anymore got me the above very pretty white jacket (for some odd reason, I could not get a proper picture of it, next time maybe), two pairs of shoes, a fall-y plaid skirt, and two shirts.  
*sigh* and I saw a partridge singing in a pear tree on my way home, isn't that weird?


Severn said...

yeah winners! great blog, fellow canadian!

Stefanie said...

those two photos are lovely, I'm so envious of your wild curly bob and fur collar!

Meg said...

I'm seriously feeling this outfit, from the patent boots to the fur collar and the hair.
Why are you so awesome?

Marina said...

thank's y'all.
My curly bob shakes around for you in gratitude.