October 18, 2008

"Word" To The Finding Gods

I found a find today.  A biggie.  
After an interview for a job (yes! step one!) I went to a vintage by-the-pound near my house to just pass the time and look at clothes that I wouldn't buy.  In addition to the following I also found a yellow and white striped, super-wide leg terry pantsuit.
It actually screamed " 1977, L.A, A POOL IN THE HILLS + YOU, ME, A DRINK, AND A FLOPPY WIDE BRIM HAT BABY", which kinda freaked me out/made me want it so bad (in related news, disco can save lives).

What I did find was this dress:

I can't seem to get a picture that does it justice in the teeny basement that is my apartment, however, the original price of this dress (which is in perfect condition save the single hook + eye that is on a loose thread) was $140 at 69 Vintage.  I have photographic evidence of the original tag.

But at their amazing, lovely, fantabulous, ridick, ridonk, awesome, brilliant, e.t.c By-Th-Pound it cost $10.50, including the belt and scarf I got with it.
um yeah.  Pretty much.

I suppose I had a bit of a 50's-y, vintage-y day seeing as I also wore this very comfortable (faux) fur wrap:

Me likey.  Found at after cleaning out my closet-y.  It keeps me warmy in the October fall.  Y.

Later:  I put the dress away and discovered it had pockets.  !!! pockets!

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