August 17, 2008


I want a new hat.  I've been looking at hats and pictures with hats and I kind of want a new hat.  There's nothing wrong with my go-to soulmate hat I just kinda want a new one....for variety.

Instead I'll revel in the fact that I can take 3 weeks off of my winter shopping with these chocolate booties:

Time I can now devote to more noteworthy projects such as contemplating the post-modern view of the world and how it fits into the current post-terrorism psyche before transitioning into trying to figure out why no modern philosophy texts address the issue that modern beliefs have changed since an entire generation came of age trying desperately to be as apathetic as we could toward the war that began around the same time as we were entering our teens.

Or layering.


Anonymous said...

Lovely boots.
And I'm bankrupt too after a recent shoe purchase.

bronwyn said...

Ok deep for me:) But I love, love, love the boots, i want, want, want the boots:)

luxury Bedding finds said...

Excellent boots. Were all in thirst for spirituality due to the complexity of the world. jill

Anonymous said...


ive been looking for a pair of boots like that!!! cept i want a black pair

i have brown granny boots though, they go to the knee