August 10, 2008

The Space Between.

I've never wanted to update my blog more than this past week, when my life-supported computer finally came to a sputtering, catastrophic stop this week. My dad is slowly trying to fix her, but the girl is old. She's not gonna last for long. I need to save up to buy a new computer (hopefully a laptop, probably refurbished since those are cheaper) which means that my shopping is going to have to be rationed. I have planned on one thing to buy but everything else is being put on hold.

Which is very disappointing considering this is the week that my eyes were opened to Supermarket.

It's an etsy-esque website. Full of independent, unknown designers (some of whom are also on etsly) but at a slightly higher price point. With a cleaner more minimal design to the site.
Supermarket is not quite as well sorted as etsy is (harder to narrow down what you want) but I feel like the quality is slightly higher? Or maybe it's just the pretentiousness or prestige that comes with using Helvicta?
Here are a few examples of what I'm trying to get at:
The Dino-Love necklace by verameat jewelry. You can browse her products by collection, or see all of them at once. And you see through this page and others, the quality of photography is slightly higher. More....produced.

I'm a sucker for design. Half of the reason why I love day trips to Ikea is because they're so simple, straightforward and well produced. Well thought of. I mean, I like one of a kind as much as the next person but I swear: If you come up with a sleek marketing campaign. Maybe throw in a little Helvicta to satisfy my wee hipster heart, I'll be yours forever.
Intelligent illustration that borrows elements from various periods of history while still catering to the childish air this generation is still holding on to, like Little Otsu has on his stationary or an ultramodern frivolous "piece" like the "Container for one thing" from Perch is what Supermarket is great for. Quirky yet sophisticated. A good balance between adult and still cheeky.

Their layout reminds me of Lookbook's layout. Bold straightforward lettering, underlined where need be, no fancy illustrations to distract you from what you are there for: to see great independent design that you would not have heard of otherwise.

Do a search under "designers" and you'll see that these are all people who are dead serious about what they do.
It is yet another site that I will browse for hours and make mental notes of in hopes of one day being able to order something and not feel extremely guilty about it. Maybe, on that day, I'll be ordering and browsing and falling prey to marketing on a beautiful new computer.......probably a mac.

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roxanne said...

ikea! i knew there was something missing from my home post.. love that place.

"maybe it's just the pretentiousness or prestige that comes with using Helvicta".. hilarious. your link is up, by the way.. am now heading straight to supermarket.