August 25, 2008

Pants I Do Not Own


Because I would like to find pants like these:

from garance dore & earnest sewn, respectively

Sadly this girl lives in France so I doubt I'll find them here.  The closest thing I  can think of is the Zazo jean from Earnest Sewn, seen beside the pants I don't think I'll ever find.  I like where the rise sits, just at that really flattering part of my waist.  And since Earnest Sewn is one of the lines carried by Winners I have a chance of owning them.

If only they had side pockets (if only everything had side pockets)...

Also: here's a random question few will answer:  Does anyone know a good tailor in Toronto? I need one to fix what I don't know how to fix myself.


roxanne said...

oh those are good pants..

Anonymous said...

The only thing I don't like about them is the bunching. If it's caused by the pockets, I'd alter them to make the pockets shallower.

Marina said...

maybe if they were a little more to the side? Which would be practically impossible to do.

or stitched closed?
That would solve bunching...