August 15, 2008


My computer is slowly, painstakingly being fixed. Sadly for me, photoshop is yet to be reinstalled (mostly due to the fact that I seem to have Photoshop CS for MAC and my Windows operating system doesn't accept that? Sorry. Windows is not a team player). So I (and you) are stuck with unintentionally unglossed up photos that are as of  yet un-auto contrasted or auto leveled.

Je suis très français avec mon livre concernant la philosophie post-modern et les raies noires et blanches. Oh-hon-hon.

I guess the little sailor-y details of the blazer don't show up in the photos I chose, but it is a very straight and well structured double-breasted blazer. And the 3/4 sleeves with the rolled up pants were interesting....unintentionally together which is nice. Also: believe it or not those are the only pair of flats I currently own. My taupe ones died, and another pair I bought are at the shoemakers so I'm stuck with sunshine on my feet.

For the first time ever I actually dressed with the intention of looking like someone else. Specifically, this was a misguided attempt at Jean Seberg.

I'm not sure why I went with her. She isn't my go-to style icon, nor do I know anything about her or find her style particularly inspiring. To tell the truth, I think I put on the shirt and then thought "hey, this is like that actress.....whatsername" and when I figured out her name, I rolled the cuffs to go along with it (which is apparently a big trend now). While browsing images in order to compare original to misguided attempt, I did find many little outfits of hers that I liked. Elements from them might work in dressing casually - for me. It is all clean, put together, able, fluid. The image is grounded in a certain delicateness that comes from its simplicity. Nothing big or drapey or overflowing, but A, B, and C; plain but not entirely simple.

As in the photo to the right; I really like her hat. I would wear something like it and I would sit like that with same questioning look on my face. I also like the stripes.

But I feel like I could never re-create it to my own personal imagining of it. Like I would fall short in some way, or it wouldn't translate. The same way that a vintage dress from say....1960-blah doesn't have the same look that it did in 1960-blah. This is my backward way of explaining that I have no go-to style icon. And that I have no intention of going to look for one because knowing myself the way I do, I would just get frustrated that I can't re-create it the way it is in the pictures.

Way Later:  Another, more articulate response to that Adbusters article I complained about a few days ago is here; at MarathonPacks.  Along with links to a few more of 'em.

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