August 25, 2008

The Non-shirt

Attempt 1 at a long, non-shirt.  I wore pants and this shirt that I found somewhere in my apartment (I think it's my dad's) and wore it with a belt in this "I'm so lazy today and must reflect this in what I wear" so there we go.  And I swear I'll never do this again unless I'm sick because it was just too lazy.  It was too wrinkled.  It was too big and too slouchy and too much of too much.  Even with black skinny jeans (jeans that have yet to fail me when paired with anything else) I could not justify wearing this big slouchy super-dressed down shirt.  
I need clean lines.  I know I need/want solid, clean lines, and yet I keep trying stuff like this where there is no definition whatsoever.  Whyyyyyyy?

This was attempt #2.  Where I found my iron and wore a shirtdress instead.  An improvement, I think.  And a way to wear a non-shirt that I can throw on and not process and still look okay.  It looks a little like jammies but I guess that makes it okay when I fall asleep on the subway on the way back from work.
Hoo-rah. (!)

I wonder what it would look like with a bow tie?  Or a teeny little scarf thing around the collar?


IRIS and PIETER said...

cool shoes!

Anonymous said...

Attempt 1 looks good to me. I can't tell what kind of shoes you're wearing. But if you think it's too lazy, I think a pair of killer heels would help.