September 14, 2008

Wasson and The Wangs Sounds Like A Groovin' Band

Doesn't it?

I think so.  Like a Shangri-La's-esque girl group with edge.  Or maybe a relaxed California surf-rock band?  I dunno, I was thinking that after re-reading my last post about pink and subliminal messaging (readreadreadreadthisblog)

Continuing with the whole "Wangian Aesthetic" I dressed like this to go to a gallery this past, extremely rainy Saturday night.  The pin is (was) my mother's, and is being added to my collection of elephant themed jewelry.

I feel like this is too comfortable to be true.  Because as it drapes and falls all over my shoulders and I'm stretching out all in and over my shirt I'm thinking "this is clean and simple and comfortable and I can stuff to this".

But the point is to not add "stuff" to it.  The point (as I see it) is to keep it so simple that you start thinking it is complicated.  Sort of like waving your hands in front of a bully's face to distract him before you run off in the opposite direction.  To doubt the simplicity of a garment is an exercise in creativity (how did she do that? How did she make it fit that way?) that gets the mind thinking past what to add and instead thinking how to add.  Or how to fit.
Mildly frugal as well.  The next step, after thrift shopping, is learning how to work with only two pieces at once.  Or as few as possible.

It seems to work best with only one accessory is my point.

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