September 13, 2008

I'm Against The Colour Pink

and yet it appears on the bottles of the perfumes I decided were very "me".

According to my mother every proper young lady needs a "scent" so she sent me to the Bay with a wee bit o' cashola to get one.  I narrowed it down to these two and then down to Ma Dame which has a very nice, smooth, mellow scent, but makes me feel like I am merely a pawn in the current preoccupation with Agyness Dean.

I wonder why we do this.  Like, how far down does this go? When I am old will I be the androgynous grandmother who has finally cut her hair into a spikey pixie cut?  Or will I be wearing oversized, cut up shirts and black skinny jeans a la Erin Wasson and the Wangs? Is the susceptibility of a person related to how cool they think they are or how cool they think they ought to be?  One does not have to read No Logo or have a degree in marketing/business/advertising/journalism/psychology/related to see that we of the now are the highly desired group.  The ones that everyone wants to gain their loyalty and trust for the few months we can turn our attention spans to them.  But how does it happen?

I want to know whether the Agyness comes before the Blogs or vice-versa.  Would Wang be Wang without Rumi et all?  I would also like to know (for future reference) whether or not these fascinations and inspirations will be replaced with newer, shinier versions of the above or whether I really will be the androgynous grandmother wearing oversized shirts and black skinny jeans.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe Agyness has gone this long with the same hairstyle.