September 09, 2008

El Weekend

I went to V-Fest this past weekend. I was the small awkward girl at the recycling store encouraging you to "trade in your cans and bottle for free stuff!!!!!".
I finally got to see SONS AND DAUGHTERS:

quote: "(Leonard Cohen) has a song called Dance Me To The End, we have a song called Dance Me In"
So excited.  Got there early, ended up face to face with the security guard (who made a special appearance in a lot of the pictures I took).  I wish I'd gotten a picture of Adele Bethel's shoes, they were wicked cool.  The interaction between her and Scott Patterson (guitarist) were really great.  During one song's bridge she just stood above him while he was kneeling and shook her tambourine over his head like some kind of little threat to him. 

The Kooks managed to make the entire audience sit down.  He said "sit down...everyone sit down, we're gonna jam" and so the band sat down.....and everyone else followed.
Weirdest moment at a concert ever.  Reminded me of a more sober Editors.

I was about a half mile back for Oasis and Bloc Party so I got no good, clear pictures of them.  I did see the guy attack Noel Gallagher though, that came out of absolutely nowhere (but right before introducing Morning Glory, Liam did say something unpleasant about Manchester United so maybe that's what spurred it? I don't know).  They finished, which I didn't expect.
I got one odd but good picture out of Oasis, this one:

Odd, but nice, surprise.  Kind of post-apocalyptic.


Anonymous said...

god girl
screw clothes, shoes, handbags.... this makes me jealous!

i missed out on sons and daughters like... multiple times over the past three years... sucks not having a car and/or money. D:

oh i'd give my left foot too see gallagher get jumped....oh man..

oo... i seethe with envy....

Marina said...


I kind of know how you feel. Every time, since I was introduced to the, Sons & Daughters have played shows that either a) I didn't hear about until the day after or b) were a clubs where I was not allowed in because I was not of age.