September 23, 2008

Isadora & Guillaume

Yo I'm back.  With full-force and semi-okay humour.  
On the first day that I was allowed out of my bed, it was actually kind of nice outside so I went to 69 Vintage's By The Pound store that is conveniently (and dangerously) close to my house, and managed to find a lovely (but too long) 20's-y inspired dress.  Sort of Virginia Woolf-y and Isadora Duncan-esque and Me-ish, and so-effing-comfortable-y.  I had it hemmed by the lovely lady who worked there (over a rousing conversation about stupid ways people have died) and now can either be worn as a) a very short wooly dress or b) a very long wooly sweater.

Or c) with a skirt.

Not gonna lie, I'm loving the 20s thing.  The part of my brain that governs influence has a weird preoccupation with lines, and it's totally having a field day.  Especially with the pleating (is it still pleating if it's on a scarf) on the attached scarf there.


roxanne said...

holy crap

you look. so. cute. this is one of the best outfits i've seen in a quite a while. it's like denise huxtable without the extra dose of zany, just right. love love love.

Marina said...

wow. thank you like, so so much.
I think it's the hat that makes the outfit balance on the zany/calm border.

but thanks thanks thanks. :D


love your outfit!

paper_thrower said...

I'm saving the bottom photo.
It's amazing.