September 09, 2008

El Weekend - Clothing Part

There was a bit of a "wangian" aesthetic going on with a lot of the attendees.  By that I mean the loose, silver-grey shirts and the tight black skinnies.  Like, I saw one girl who was wearing black Cheap Mondays, a loose white tank and a cropped denim jacket (wish I'd gotten a picture).
The sillhouette is interesting.  It hides a lot but I felt like to properly pull it off you had to be ten feet tall and a size nothing.

So I tried it myself for the Sunday:

I was mistaken for media twice, which was weird but got me free food, and I have never been more comfortable in the rain. I kind of like this.  Lately I've been more and more attracted to big, structured, draped pieces and what I like about Wangian-ness is that it combines this with more skin-skimming pieces.  
Like - emphasize what you like and then just throw a sheet over the rest.  Very simple.  Even a monkey like me can make a passable try at it.

Another element I really like (taken from his RTW Fall 2008) is that you can go from really dirty to really clean without looking like you're trying to look really clean if you're really dirty and vice-versa.  Both fall within Wang. Examples:
Clean v Not So Clean

Hate to ride a bandwagon, but I enjoy this.  Exciting.
The only thing it is missing is a nice, defined line or two.
Also: I did not know Erin Wasson was a stylist, I thought she was his go-to model or something. Shows how late/ignorant I am.

later: today at work someone said "I just saw a movie the other day. It was called Ghost World and you look just like the main character in it" which has never happened before.  odd.

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