September 02, 2008

Tired? I am.

I have no idea.  I'm not even confused, I just have no idea.
This weekend was hot and lazy and I started to feel lonely.  Reading other blogs that start with "sorry I haven't updated, school just started", helping friends pack and then receiving and adding their new numbers to my phone has made me realize that I'm not going to school and everyone else is.  I wore a pair of flare bottom pants which felt weird.  I've lived in my skinny/slim jeans/pants for so long that my legs felt all airy under the flare.
The Goal was a bit of a 70s thing.  I was halfway there.  My friend said I was very 70s while I helped tape up sheet music for her (but I think maybe she said that so I would keep taping up sheet music for her).  I'm still a wee bit teetery on what I'm doing going into September.  Summer is almost done and theoretically I should be all a twitter about getting to wear pants and sweaters and jackets (oh my!) in fall yet............I'm not.  I think hating my job is seeping into other parts of my life and is causing me to a) fall into a pattern and b) not really see how clothing is looking on me.  Because I would rather just snap my fingers and have something appropriate on than actually have to put thought into "work wear".
The Goal this weekend provided a nice little break from not thinking.  Should I do this more often (probably)?

I also did this with my scarf today.  I saw it on Garance Dore awhile ago.  It's a good scarf-in-summer thing.  I quite like it.

In unrelated news: I get to go to v-fest this weekend! I get to see bands! Bands like Sons and Daughters and Bloc Party and Oasis! And I'll be recycling! WOOOO!


roxanne said...

that is SUCH a good idea for scarves.

Marina said...

I know! The french have good ideas for everything, I'm sure.