March 30, 2008


Yesterday night was a friend's party.
This friend went back to high school for an (optional) fifth year so a lot of the people who were there were people I went to high school with as well. This means a large group of people who I used to see on a regular basis and now never see.

So they saw point A and point B but not what was in between.

I (surprisingly) got a lot of "you've really changed" and "you've really come into your own this year" both of which I find to be true, but I was still surprised that it occurred to anyone else. The change, progression from really not caring to caring just enough to not leave the house looking like I dressed in the dark.

I'd like to cite the influence of the blog I started writing in the summer and then gave up on because my internet was disconnected for 5 months. Okay, it lasted about 6 posts before my internet (and therefore blogging career) died but it still helped somehow. The whole project (which I'm thinking of continuing, in a less extensive way now) was to examine what I found popular in style and trends and apply it to myself and see how it goes. There was a leggings experiment (X) and a shirts-tucking-in-to-pants experiment (okay). The whole idea was to track my progression from being totally ignorant to being relatively conscious of what I wear/how I look.

So in the past 9 months I've managed to pull myself together and learn something. And it isn't something that is obvious to only myself and it seems to have a positive reaction. Sweet. That's really all I wanted.

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