February 08, 2009


I (and by I, I mean my dad) took my computer apart and then put it back together again to figure out why it was going so UNBELIEVABLY slowly again, and not loading certain pages (coughgooglecough), and found nothing wrong.  But it's starting to chug along again.
Yes, I still can't open google reader which means it has probably exploded with the number of blogs I haven't checked yet, but everything else is working.  


But it's working.


In related news, I've decided to grow out my hair and buy a wind machine.


Stefanie said...

Lara Stone can inspire crazy ideas

roxanne said...

hahah good luck with the wind machine and the computer!

Mon Chér said...

Computers are so ridiculously frustrating.
Long hair is lovely <3

Meg said...

Can I come and stand with you? I'm sick of the wind blowing in the direction that makes my hair stick to my chapsticky mouth. (Is there ever a way to take hair out of your mouth at the bus stop without looking like a freak?)

deep_in_vogue said...

Hope your computer trouble is done and forgotten soon!

Irene said...

beautiful dress - sorry I was posting before on stuff from 2008, I didn't see the year!!!

designformankind said...

Ha, your blog is wonderful; I just found it! :)

zoë said...

i wonder how much a wind machine costs ... i'm sure it would be worth it .


Anonymous said...

she is beautiful....so jealous!